History Of German Daggers

December, 11, 2014

If one traces back history, it can be found that daggers have been used in many wars as a fighting weapon. Daggers are also used in modern combats and German Daggers are known to be some of the most deadly daggers in the world. A brief History of German Daggers is given below!

The Origin Of German Daggers

Daggers started to be manufactured in 1933 during the Nazi reign and were made for military, paramilitary, political, and social groups. In 1942 the production of daggers came to a halt. German Daggers are famous worldwide and people also refer to them as Nazi daggers, Third Reich daggers and World War II daggers.

Uses of German Daggers

In 20th century during the dictatorship of Hitler, daggers were used as ornamental uniform regalia. The daggers were worn by the German officers and various high ranking officials in the country on several occasions that were of public importance and at official events. Different daggers of different length were manufactured with markings on the blade, pommel etc. Various daggers emphasized different things and denoted the ranks of the soldiers.

Of all the different kinds of German Daggers that were in use, the SS Daggers were the most popular. This model design was inspired from traditional 16th century German/Swiss design. Though worn by all ranks, those belonging to the officers carried a slightly different design. High party officials also presented leader’s daggers to officers who rendered special services to the party.

Classification of German Daggers

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